How to keep up internal initiatives

By Anastasia Warren, Marketing Director   It’s no secret that company initiatives can often get lost amid the demands of day-to-day work. Programs revolving around things such as company culture, wellness, or giving back can be easy to forget after the initial roll-out to employees. So, how do we keep these important initiatives that feed […]

The State of the Workforce

It’s no secret that many things have changed in the Northern Nevada community. Along with new companies coming in, housing costs on the up and up, and the rise of entrepreneurship – the workforce and their demands are changing as well. We saw an almost $2 per hour wage increase in the span of mid-2015 to […]

8 Ways to Stay Energized

It’s May Day, the weather is nice, and you’re feeling lethargic as the 2 p.m. slump hits. You may be in your cubicle at your desk. You may have had too many cups of coffee today. You may be in a conference meeting trying to stay awake. How do you stay alert, refreshed, energized, and […]

Recreational Marijuana Legalized in Nevada

By Megan Annis, Client Care and HR Manager   Though marijuana remains illegal under federal law, effective January 1, 2017, Nevada voters approved the legalization of recreational marijuana by persons 21 years of age or older. As such, marijuana use by employees is expected to rise and increase the volume of marijuana-related issues in the […]

Spring has sprung

Happy First Day of Spring! TAC’s 2017 theme is centered around growth. Growth for our clients, growth for our internal employees, and growth for the city of Reno and beyond! That is why, we gave each TAC team member some gardening tools with the request to, “plant something and watch it grow,” in honor of […]

Customize your employee benefits package

By CEO Jim Annis Gone are the days of “simple” easy-to-target advertising on three TV stations to broad segmented target markets. With thousands of cable channels, smartphones and online data, we now have microsegmentation. Microsegments aim to limit customers into very small segments — or even as individuals — which helps modern marketers determine exactly […]